the keystone collection - low stool

The low stool in The Keystone Collection is the perfect addition to any bar, cafe or household. The minimal shape and aesthetic are pleasing to the eye and the endless amount of colour variations allow it to easily fit into any environment seamlessly, whether it be indoors or outside. It is also easily stack-able for the end of day pack up making it ideal for any dining business.

No matter the place, this stool is always up to the challenge.

For order inquiries: hello@enduredesigns.com.au


the keystone collection - HIGH stool

Our low stools big brother is the ideal seating for any bar, cafe, or night time venue. whether it be indoors or out.

Slim and sturdy, it is easily stored below the bar should you need more floor space. Like the low stool is comes in an almost limitless amount of colour variations to ensure that it will adapt to any environment or venue.

For order inquiries: hello@enduredesigns.com.au